Painting the Portrait with Expression and Economy

Instructor David Shevlino

Summer 2018- Session 3

This class will focus on painting the portrait with economy and a loose paint application. David will instructs students to work wet into wet and there will be a different pose each day, for ten days.  Emphasis will be on simplifying the features of the head to describe planes and contours with minimal brushwork. David will discuss lighting the portrait subject to create strong contrast in order to see the forms with greater clarity.  He will also teach the underlying shape of the skull and how to place the features, color mixing, medium, simplifying the values/ mid tones, paint application and handling edges. In addition, there will be painting demonstrations throughout the week.  As a backdrop to time spent in the studio there will also be visits to local museums to study Old Master paintings.

Housing: For those using Rome Art Workshops housing, check-in for this workshop is Sunday July 8 and check-out is Sunday July 22.