Modern Realist Figure Painting

Instructor Modern Realist Figure Painting

Summer 2018 - Session 1

Paint the figure from life using the using the many masterworks in Rome as inspiration! 

With emphasis on light effects and realist drawing styles, we will create a sense of form by describing the play of light over the surface of the skin, as well as the way the color of the light source affects the color of the skin tones. As we work we will refine the drawing by both observing the model and making choices about the best possible look for the contours, influenced by techniques of artists all the way from Carvavaggio to Edward Hopper. 

Throughout the class the instructor will demonstrate how to set up a composition and adjust proportions, as well as various techniques of brushwork and modeling the form to create a convincing sense of 3 dimensions. We will work with poses ranging from 6 to 12 hours over the course of 2 weeks, giving students both time to explore more finished stages of a painting, as well as the ability to start fresh after several days of the same pose. 

There is no better place than Rome to immerse yourself in figurative art and history. Come paint the figure and let the incredible works of Rome inspire you!

Along with painting we will be taking trips to museums and churches to study paintings, drawings and sculptures of the masters.

Note: After registering, participants will be provided with a materials list including paints, brushes and panels.

Housing: For those using Rome Art Workshops housing, check-in for this workshop is Sunday June 10 and check-out is Sunday June 24.