The ancient city of Rome serves as both the setting and the classroom for Rome Art Workshops. Strolling from your apartment in the historic center of the city to our studios in the famed Campo de’Fiori you cross the Tiber River, stop at a cafe for a cappuccino and pass through the most famous fruit and vegetable market in Rome. During each of the two week workshops you will be immersed in the artistic and cultural life and legacy of the Eternal City.

We bring together internationally-renowned artist-instructors and participants from throughout the world to share an intensive two-week artistic experience. Transporting participants and instructors alike from their familiar surroundings into the richest and most inspiring artistic environment on earth creates an atmosphere of closeness and focus where everyone is engaged in looking at and making Painting and Sculpture. Over the past few years this has led to the formation of many friendships that persist long after leaving Rome.


Integral to the Rome Art Workshops experience is the connection between making work in the studio and looking at great work in the piazzas, churches, museums and galleries of the city. The tours we go on embody the ideals of artists. We select tour locations based on the content of the workshops as well as tours that will illuminate the neighborhoods where we are based.


Participants and instructors in Rome Art Workshops are housed in apartments located within a short walk of the Rome Center studios. Participants may select from two housing level options, or they may procure their own accommodations while in Rome. All apartments are equipped with kitchens, laundry facilities and air conditioning.


Rome Art Workshops programs are based in the historic center of Rome, beside the Campo de’Fiori, at the University of Washington’s Rome Center. Housed in a Renaissance palazzo built upon the ancient foundations of the Theater of Pompey, the Rome Center provides an evocative space to study Painting and Sculpture.